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Anirvedha is a fully fledged centre for psychological assessment, therapy and training. The aim of the organization is to work towards positive mental health. We offer a wide range of mental health services. We believe that each individual is unique and work on a holistic and progressive strategy. Our mission is to help each individual develop to their fullest potential. We commit to responsive and supportive intervention.

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We offer a wide range of services

for mental health concerns, adopting a holistic and progressive approach, which in turn helps individuals develop to their fullest potential. We commit to timely, responsive and supportive intervention.

Developmental delays pose a severe threat to children. However if early and effective intervention is provided, the delay can be worked on. The early intervention centre caters to child from age 3 to pre-adolescence. The centre is planned to provide individualized goals and curriculum, Behavioural basement and regular re-evaluations. Opportunities for social interaction, daily living activities and self care, Applied Behaviour approach with parent training sessions are included.

We work on specific goals and develop techniques based on the Applied Behavioural Analysis to bring out changes and improvement of the client. We strive towards helping our clients develop more adaptive skills and practices as well as achieve better levels of functioning.

Social Interaction and integration remains as an essential element in helping our clients have the opportunity to practice their improvement done in individual sessions and also work on their interpersonal, communicational and social skills. Group therapy is an important stage for mainstream integration.

It involves helping our clients work through both their behaviours and thoughts and help them reestablish and reconstruct them through principles of the cognitive-behavioural approach. It is an evidence based treatment that is both goal oriented and focused on the present and how to resolve current and long standing issues.

Learning disabilities are a growing concern among children today. We at Anirvedha cater to such needs with our unique approach to remediation. We help our clients work on the core concepts of their academic skills such as the phonetics, mathematical bases and work towards academic improvement.

Vocational choices are a matter of extreme concern and stress in the current generation. Career counselling adopts various principles of psychology assessing clients in their interests, abilities, characteristics and use this combined knowledge to provide guidance on their career choices and higher education.

Assess interests, abilities, characteristics, personality traits, and provide guidance on career choices.

Stress refers to a condition when an individual is unable to provide the useful behavioural, emotional or cognitive response to demands in oneself or the environment.

Stress management is thus a training for our clients to develop skills so they can handle themselves and the pressure in their personal, work and social lives much more comfortably.

Develop skills to handle pressure in work, personal and social life.

With a hard pressed schedule and a balancing act of commitments, the time management program at Anirvedha aims at helping clients in building flexible and paced schedules, ways to handle crisis with regard to time management, improve organizational and planning skills, setting appropriate long term and short term goals and strategies to cope with wastage of time for a smooth daily routine that enhances mental health and quality of life.

Build flexible schedules, long and short term goals, and deal with time management crisis.

Anger is usually viewed as a negative and disruptive behaviour that makes relationships and goals more difficult. Anger management includes learning the triggers, for one’s anger, alternate ways to respond to triggers, healthier communication and problem solving techniques, reconstructing thoughts on anger and productive ways of dealing with anger and increasing the capacity for relaxation in one’s life.

Become aware of triggers and develop alternate, healthier ways to express anger.

Speech Therapy is an essential component of Anirvedha. Speech is a reflection of the cognitive growth and is also an important milestone which later becomes the single most assessed factor for academic achievement, early intervention, (shruti) prelinguistics, pragmatic, cognitive training – comprehension and expression, receptive and expressive language traning skils, voice therapy techniques, vocal nodules post operative rehabilitations, linguistics, phonics, dysphagia, post stroke, aphasia, dysarthtia, CP, LD, ID, Downs syndrome, childhood apraxia, SIT, GDD, Autism spectrum, ELD, RELD, looks abnormal can be brought to track, get referred to professionals, hearing loss.

Improve your articulation and formation of speech.

Physiotherapy focuses on a variety of medical conditions especially in neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics and neurological rehabilitation. We work to promote mobility, restore functioning, reduce or prevent disability, management of pain and other symptoms. It is also used to help overcome social inhibition, impaired body awareness, low mood and empower a positive spiral atmosphere.

Promote mobility, restore functioning, and reduce or prevent disability.

A lot of children today develop needs of sensory stimulation to help them overcome their problem behaviours. Sensory integration therapy deals with exercises in a play activity format designed to strengthen the clients sense of touch, balance, body awareness also provide an optimal level of stimulation through various activities and materials to bring about better coping with the disturbances they experience.

Play techniques to develop touch, balance, body awareness and modulate information from their environment.

We help clients both as a couple/family as well as individually to enhance the positive aspects of your relationships, work on communication and interpersonal skills, growth as an individual and as a unit, recognize interaction patterns and help modify them to healthier patterns as well recognise resources and strengths as a couple/family to overcome the problems in the relationship including violence,grief and loss.

Improve quality of your relationships by working on healthy ways of interaction.

Occupational therapy is used to help your children achieve independence in their daily living activities, self care skills of eating, washing, maintaining hygiene. We also train children to achieve pre academic skills, overcome developmental delays and enhance their skill set.

Achieve independence in self care skills, pre-academic skills, and overcome developmental delays.

Vocational Training for individuals with special needs. Vocational development for mainstream integration.

Education and Awareness among parents and caretaker population is seen as crucial to a child’s development here at Anirvedha.We provide for parents with programs on communication, relationship building, parenting techniques, problem behaviour management, schedule training, signs to look out for as well as individual growth session to be able to function as effective parents. These programs are customised to the age groups of children and the specific factors of ea

Enhance parenting techniques for healthy development of children.

School adoption programs include providing a trained counsellor for school with direct supervision from Anirvedha, provision for remedial and diagnostic centre as well as equipping schools with a resource room. Regular psychological evaluations and updating of the same are performed.

Provision of a counsellor, resource center, and regular psychological evaluations.

The adolescent and young adult group needs to educated and equipped with the challenges surrounding mental health, life skills, study and career paths. They are also the most vulnerable to many mental health issues. As such Anirvedha has been active to provide various customised programs to schools and college according the requirement of the institute.

Educate students on mental health, life skills, study and career paths.

Spreading awareness and education on various mental health issues and strategies to deal with them is another goal of Anirvedha. We conduct regular Child Wellbeing Talks for parents, caretakers, educators, students and professionals. We also organise


sessions, seminars and workshops for academic institutions, corporate enterprises and various other associations.

Mental health and personal health growth sessions for institutions, corporates, and other associations.

Psychological testing and counselling includes Intellectual assessment, Vocational assessment, Learning Disability assessment, Speech assessment, Study habits assessments, applied behavioural analysis; assessments for various psychological issues.

Assess level of functioning in various psychological and speech development.

The outreach programs undertaken by us include student enrichment workshops and modules, training programs for teachers and parents, skill development programs for various groups and school adoption programs.

Development programs to develop specific skills.

Why Anirvedha?

Single Therapist – Client System

Ensuring each of our clients gets individualized and quality attention. We are one of the few therapy centers in Mangalore that practice this system.

Continuous Assessments & Revaluations

To track the progress of clients. Monthly reports are provided on the milestones achieved, feedback on the progress, goals for the immediate future, and the planned strategies.

Regular Discussions

with caretakers and clients on the Goals, Progress and Course of our therapy, hence working in collaboration with the family to ensure continuity of the therapeutic approach in the home environment as well.

A Multi-layered Approach

that begins with a regular therapy at the one-to-one level, complemented by group therapy, further extending to support at school and home. This ensures a complete coverage of multiple essential spheres, which is very essential for the effectiveness of therapy.

Holistic Growth

The Biopsychosocial approach coupled with a strong, multidisciplinary team of experts helps the clients achieve an all-round progress.


The team at Anirvedha is a network of multidisciplinary professionals. We understand how for the complete holistic development of an individual is becomes crucial to provide support in all lot of areas. With this in mind we provide our services through consultant psychiatrists, pediatricians, physicians, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and shadow teachers.

Our Mission

We aim to provide accessible and affordable mental health and psychological services and training of the highest quality that is customised to individual needs.

Our Vision

Anirvedha strives to be a nodal point that caters to psychological needs across the clinical, training, educational, personal growth and corporate development sectors.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement

We, as psychosocial healthcare professionals, at Anirvedha keep most of what you tell us confidential. Confidentiality is discussed in your first session. You are encouraged to ask queries and have a clear understanding of it.

Any procedures, assessment, therapy, research and documentation is educated to the client and performed under full disclosure and informed consent. In cases of minor clients, legal and ethical guidelines for handling minors are practiced.

Information discussed in confidence during a session is shared only with other professionals for client welfare, to lawful authorities when required to be shared by the law, to caretakers when there is a need to divulge such information.

Consequently, in certain circumstances we may break confidentiality to prevent serious harm to a client or the general public. We have an ethical responsibility to report abuse, self harm and illegal behaviours.

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Anirvedha Foundation
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Landline :- 0824 4112985